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May 24
Steps Come Alive Workshop (Zoom)
Presented by AOCYPAA
Starting 3
:00 PM
Zoom Code: 569 284 957
Password: aocy96

May 22-24
Men's Recovery Retreat Weekend (Zoom)
Introductions Friday 7-8:30 PM PDT
Overview Saturday 9-9:45 AM PDT
Session 1: New Morning 10:30-11:30 AM PDT
Session 2: Interview With An Alcoholic 7-8 PM PDT
Meeting Sunday 9-10:30 AM PDT Gratitude Meditation
Zoom Code and Password email:
May 23
No Drank Comedy Hour
A Special Event Hosted By Johnnie flowers
6:30 PM PST
Zoom Code: 994 5655 7209
Password: Laugh

June 13 – 14
Special Two-Day
Virtual Founders’ Day Event

Website for details