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To help insure the health of our members and the general population, we had suggested that all physical meetings in the OC be suspended during the COVID 19 outbreak. We are aware that some businesses and facilities have now been allowed to reopen, contingent with their readiness to implement certain restrictions. The decision to reinstate in-person meetings, however, falls solely on each individual AA group.

To help groups assess how to re-open meetings safely, we are providing a few informed group conscience considerations. Informed Group Conscience Considerations:

Traditions - we must ensure our group decisions do not negatively impact our fellow members or A.A. as a whole, and that we as individuals act in ways that ensure our common welfare. Tradition 1 tells us “Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends upon A.A. unity.” Tradition 4 states “Each group is autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or A.A. as a whole.” We have to consider the health and well-being of other A.A. members, and we need to protect the positive reputation and goodwill of A.A. in the community..

Responsibility - Groups should continue to abide by local and government health organization guidelines for social distancing and safety (e.g., limiting the number of people into the space, facial coverings, etc.) As an organization and as individuals, we are not exceptions to the law. Our program of recovery has taught us to be responsible citizens both in A.A. and the world. While there are no ‘musts’ in the A.A. program, there are legal musts in the larger community. Groups need to remain within the regulations and mandates of our state

Community - Groups must have permission from landlords or host facilities to resume meeting on the premises—either inside or on the grounds or parking lot.

Format - Groups may consider combining in-person meetings with Zoom meetings to form a “hybrid” meeting.   

We will update information on our website as it becomes available. As a reminder, the Santa Ana Office and the Laguna Niguel Satellite Office are now both open for calls, information and literature sales. We do request that you wear a mask or some kind of nose and mouth covering if you visit the office. 12 Step call requests and questions are always welcome.

Please remember to call Central Office 714-556-4555 (24 Hours) or e-mail meeting updates to to ensure we are providing updated information to our members.

The information listed here is provided solely as a service to our members. It is NOT an endorsement by the Orange County Intergroup Association of Alcoholics Anonymous.

NOTE: If you run a Zoom Meeting, you may have received unwanted hackers. Please see this precaution/protection guide and alert your host!